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Halo Perfecto – Hospitals In Other Countries 12″ LP

Halo Perfecto feature ex-members of Anton Bordman and Palatka. But this only tells half the story. While Halo Perfecto embraces the manic aspect of Palatka and the precision ofAnton Bordman it is also far more melodic than either of those bands. Sung and screamed vocals, driving music and smart lyrics have garnered comparisons to Fugazi and Superchunk. Beautiful hand-screened covers by bassist/vocalist Mike Taylor from Scenary zine.

One would have been hard-pressed to predict it ten years ago, but with bands like Halo Perfecto (as well as their peers like Transistor Transistor and Mannequin) are one of the most exciting things going on in rock music today, so pick up this LP and the stacks of other great ones that are currently coming out before the man comes in and co-ops all the young screamo kids with new (vegan leather) boots and contracts.

A bouncy, energetic mix of indie pop and hardcore. The lyrics are nothing less than expected from these guys, political without being too obtrusive, and they rarely veer into triteness when addressing more personal topics. The record packaging seems to be entirely handmade gorgeous silkscreened covers, photocopied handwritten lyric sheets.”

Collective Zine

By visiting every genre of guitar rock imaginable, Halo Perfecto evades comparison and sings everything in riddles. The only lyrics of “Dance Music,” one of the best songs on the record, state: All music is dance music/all music is noise. If that’s so, these guys make noise sound all right, even if they give it no goddamn sense at all.

Punk Planet

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